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Gilding and gold finishes

Gilding, the art of applying real gold leaf to a surface, is a highly skilled job. Signwriters use gold leaf predominantly to create lettering on small areas of glass or painted surface that requires an extra special finish. Gold leaf is required for updating honours boards for schools, universities and churches to maintain a high quality finish.

Solicitors, doctors, dentists and other professional offices may use gilded letters or numbers on their doors. A gilded house name can finish off a listed building beautifully. Gilding can be applied directly to windows giving a striking and high quality appearance to traditional pubs, shops and restaurants.

Other gold finishes

For larger areas we recommend the use of specialist gold paint. This paint contains flakes of real gold to give the sheen and light reflecting properties required from this type of finish. For the example above, the client required a traditional looking, very high quality sign. We used gold paint applied directly to the gloss surface which gives a beautiful sheen and catches the light from all angles.