One of the many benefits of painted signs is the fact that they can easily be repainted to refresh the design. Once vinyl signs start to degrade the only option is to replace, whereas paint not only fades attractively, as long as the surface material is sound it can be easily brightened up.

We recently aided the restoration of these historic petrol pumps at St Mawes. Installed in the 1940s, the pumps had fallen into disrepair since the closure of the garage. After a lot of hard work by local people restoring the paintwork and faces we finished the job by hand painting the price at the time of the coronation – 2/3d per gallon!

If the existing sign is beyond repair all is not lost. We can match paint colours and lettering from photographs and recreate the sign just as it would have been. This type of work is ideal in conservation areas and on listed buildings where design integrity and attention to period detail is important.